Welcome to your wiki workshop - How to Use Wikis in the Elementary Classroom

Forest Hills School District Workshop - August 7, 2008

How can teachers and students work collaboratively to set up and actively use a wiki in the elementary classroom? Participants in this workshop would learn how to plan, design, and add material to their wiki and use it as a teaching and learning tool. In addition we will discuss how to engage students in safely using the wiki on a regular basis in and out of the classroom and as a means for guiding their own learning.

For this workshop we will begin by using this wiki as a tool to familiarize ourselves with what wikis are and philosophies behind their use in the classroom. We will also view how to create and edit pages, and how to engage students in their use.

Afterwards you will have an idea of how they can be used in the classroom, you will be able to join wikispaces, and create and plan your own wiki.

I will show you how to add different types of media to your wiki and how to get kids interested and involved.

Please open your browser and type in this address wikiswork.wikispaces.com